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Modern processing plants use many process control loops throughout the plant that are networked to control centers to monitor and dynamically regulate the production process. Automated Control valves collectively regulate and maintain process stability of these control loops. Bray control valve solutions are trusted worldwide to deliver precise control and reliable performance in any application. 
Trust Bray to deliver proven control valve solutions that reduce your maintenance and downtime and improve productivity.
Bray has earned a reputation for reliability with dependable products products that deliver control precision and long cycle life.

Center of Excellence

Control Valves

Choosing the right control valve for your process control application can determine productivity and profitability That's why Bray™ created the Control Valve Center of Excellence where our control valve packages are designed, engineered, simulated, and extensively tested to deliver process control solutions that ensure consistent results in any process conditions. Bray control valve solutions are trusted worldwide by thousands of companies and we look forward to helping solve your control valve challenges in applications including:
  • Steam Valve Applications

  • Water Valve Applications

  • Gas Valve Applications

  • Slurry Valve Applications

  • Water & Wastewater Applications

  • Petrochem Process Control

  • Oil & Gas Applications

  • Mining Applications

  • Sugar Industry Applications

  • Pulp & Paper Applications

Rotary Control

V Port Ball Valves

V ball valves are designed for modulating and on/off service with the added benefit of Bi-Directional Bubble-Tight Shutoff. With characterized rangeability from 300:1 to 2400:1 and proven performance in process control applications worldwide. Bray™ V-ball valves deliver faster flow consolidation than comparable globe valves in a small form factor are available with a wide range of trims and configurations including Fugitive Emissions, Fire Safe, noise and cavitation control, optional SIL 3 performance. Bray V Balls are available on multiple product lines including Flanged Series F15/F30, RF15/RF30 and Triad 3-Piece ball valves.


Bray V Port Rotary Control valves have distinct advantages over linear control valves including; Higher Cv for the same size globe valve allowing the use of smaller valve and actuation packages that reduce cost, have a smaller form factor, better packing performance and life, and Superior solids handling capabilities.

Control Valve V-Port
Segmented Control Valves

Rotary Control

Segmented Control Valves

The Bray series 19 and 19L Segmented rotary control valve combine the shearing action of a knife gate valve, control characteristics of a globe valve, and sealing performance of a ball valve in a versatile high-performance rotary control valve designed for throttling and on-off applications. Series S19L, available in 4 trim levels, is a high-performance version of the S19 segmented ball valve designed for extremely aggressive media handling. Both Series S19 and S19L are available with customized segment characterization, to solve a variety of control valve challenges in process control applications.

Rotary Control

Butterfly Control Valves

Bray is a recognized leader in Butterfly valves worldwide. Our Butterfly valve products offer exceptional value and performance in both shutoff and modulating valve applications. S39 Lined Butterfly valves are used extensively for throttling in aggressive slurry control valve applications. McCannalok is an excellent match for steam applications. Series 20 & 21 Butterfly valves feature a thin disc profile for higher Cv and lower pressure drop. Bray has been the smart choice for flow control solutions since 1986.
Butterfly Control Valves
Bray Positioners

Control Valve

Valve Positioners

Bray offers a full range of Precision Digital Electro-Pneumatic and analog Pneumatic valve positioners and accessories for a wide range of process control applications including Intrinsically safe explosion proof versions for Class 1 Div. 1 & Div. 2 environments. All our valve positioner products are designed with ease of installation, simple calibration, efficiency, and economy in mind. Units for rotary single acting and double acting actuators are offered as standard and spring return actuator configurations are also available. Trust Bray for reliable, repeatable valve controllers for a wide range of applications.

High Performance

Control Valve Actuators

Bray manufactures a wide range of high-performance pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric actuators engineered for process applications. Series 98 Pneumatic and Series 98H Hydraulic Scotch Yoke actuators, Series 92/93 Rack and Pinion actuators and Series 70 electric actuators and our new Ethernet/IP Servo NXT Series 70 deliver reliable, accurate, repeatable control valve positioning. Bray actuators are matched to our control valves and positioners in packages custom tailored to improve process efficiency for your unique process control conditions. 
Bray Actuators

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Control Valve Sizing

Bray's experience in sizing control valves ensures our control valve packages are optimized for your process conditions and improve your bottom line.

Certified and Trusted

By thousands of companies worldwide

Bray’s control valve packages are custom tailored to your process conditions to ensure safety, reliability and performance for producers facing ever-increasing productivity demands. Each control valve package is fully evaluated, and performance tested to IEC 60534-2-1 for sizing, IEC 60534-8-3 and IEC 60534-8-4 for noise calculations before shipment to ensure easy, trouble free installation, startup, and operation. At Bray, we pride ourselves on producing quality products for all your industry needs, Our drive and dedication to customer satisfaction is what has made Bray International one of the most innovative valve manufacturers in the world.

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