Pneumatic Positioner Series 6P Bray International

Pneumatic Positioner

Series 6P

NPT and IP65 DIN connections offered with both single and dual coils
Duty Cycle


Pneumatic Positioner - Series 6P

NPT and IP65 DIN connections offered with both single and dual coils
1/4" NPT
Communication Protocols
Duty Cycle
Supply Media
Clean dry air
Control Options
4-20 mA, Communication Protocols
Enclosure Ratings
Temperature Range
'-4°F to 150°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Supply pressure
20 - 100 psig (1.4 - 7.0 bar)
Die-cast Aluminum
Double and Single Acting, Direct and Reverse

Features & Benefits

For Double Acting and Spring Return Actuators

The Bray Series 6P positioner provides outstanding control for a wide range of quarter-turn valves. This design provides fast, sensitive response characteristics to meet the most demanding control objectives using a 3-15 psi pneumatic control signal. A high visibility dome position indicator and 3 gauges are provided as standard. The Series 6P is available with many options including position feedback limit switches, and a 4-20 mA position feedback transmitter.


Bray Series 6P positioners are used to control quarter- turn control valves such as butterfly and ball valves (standard and segmented) and its sensitive two-stage relay makes it ideal for precise damper control applications. Specify Bray Series 6P whenever valve positioning and sensitivity is critical.

For modulating control of valve positions, the Series 6P automatically positions the valve to precise angles between 0° and 90° in response to a pneumatic input signal. The standard positioner is Double Acting but can be easily converted to Single Acting/Spring Return. The 6P also has Split Range capabilities and an easy to adjust Span and Zero.

Mounting & Materials

The Series 6P can be installed directly on any quarter-turn valve actuator conforming to the NAMUR standard.

Contact your local Bray Distributor for information about mounting the 6P on non-NAMUR actuators.

The Series 6P housing is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum that is first anodized for internal corrosion resistance, then powder coated for external resistance to harsh environments.


  • SPECIAL CAMS: Special cams for non-standard ranges may be modified by the factory or customer
  • AIR FILTER: A coalescing air filter is recommended for all positioners to eliminate dust, moisture, and oil particles from contaminating the unit

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