Data Center Hydronic Cooling System Valves

With the fast exploding demand for data center capacity, you don’t have time to re-qualify components and suppliers for every job. From the largest central plant Cooling Tower and Chiller Isolation and Control Butterfly Valves to the most precise CRAH and Rack heat exchanger Control Valves, even Fire Safe Valves for diesel back-up generator systems. Bray works with Mission Critical Facility Engineers, Contractors, Operators and OEM’s to keep data cool in facilities all around the world.
Bray is the trusted provider of cooling system valves to many of North America’s largest and most critical Tier 4 facilities.
Bray has earned a global reputation for extended reliability by creating products of superior value and quality.

Bray solutions for

Cooling Tower and Chiller Valves

Bray works closely with our data center customers to deliver valve, actuator and control solutions optimized to boost power usage effectiveness in hydronic cooling systems that evaporative cool and feed chilled water to data centers from central chilled-water cooling plants. Bray products are engineered to reduce pumping costs in plant fed chillers at mission critical data centers around the world. Trust Bray to deliver bidirectional High-Performance butterfly valves that provide zero leakage, high rangeability and control accuracy in applications including:
  • Central Plant Cooling Tower

  • Chillers

  • Air Handling Units

  • Computer Room Air Handlers

  • Air Terminals

  • Rack Server Cooling

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pump Skids

  • Water Treatment

  • AHU

Bray CRAH Solutions

Computer Room Air Handler Valves

High efficiency and reliability are critical to Data Center Cooling. Bray manufacturs a wide range of Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) valves for Chilled Water (CW) applications designed to modulate chilled water across a cooling coil. Bray Softtouch 2 and Softtouch Max (STM) isolation and control valves are flanged ball valves featuring Characterized ball profiles for equal percentage control valve functionality ensuring accurate and cost effective control of a wide range of equipment in HVAC applications including Computer Room Air Handler (CRAH) systems, Rack heat exchangers, Rack Cooling systems and other chilled water applications.

Bray Simple Set Series (SS) and Simple Set Max (SSM) Pressure Independent Control Valves feature Pressure Independant control (PIC) that delivers high rangeability control and dynamic balancing that prevents overflow at any load condition, which contributes to optimal coil performance and primary equipment efficiency in Data Center Cooling Applications as well as reducing commissioning costs by combining both the balancing component with the valve.
Computer Air Room

Bray Backup Power Generation Solutions

Fire Safe Valves for Backup Power Generation

Mission Critical data centers guarantee uptime with standby power from backup diesel Generators. Bray manufactures a wide range of API 607 Fire safe valves for fuel management and feed to diesel generator sets from diesel storage tanks at Data Centers. Bray fire safe ball valves including the threaded Series 20, Triad 3 Piece and F15/F30 flanged ball valves feature soft primary seats and a backup metal seat design ed to ensure shutoff performance in the vent of a fire. Bray McCannalok High Performance Butterfly Valves feature a Fire Safe: RTFE and Inconel® with Resilient Energizer. All Bray Fire Safe Valves guarantee zero-leakage performance.

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