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Economical and ecologic implications of fugitive emission of piping systems in the oil and gas industry, from production to midstream to downstream processes, have solidified Bray’s commitment to helping organizations around the world tighten their grip on fugitive emissions.


Designed to comply with API 641, ISO 15848-1, ISO 15848-2, and TA Luft VDI 2440 test standards, our industry leading range of low-emissions quarter turn valves are certified for maximum compliance with minimum environmental impact.

Butterfly and Severe Service Valves for Chemical Petrochemical Industry


All Products that can be applied for Oil & Gas

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Tri Lok

Severe Service Ball Valve Series M1

Severe Service Ball Valve

Series M1

McCannalok High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valve


Bray/Rite Check Valve

Check Valve


Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Series 30/31

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Series 30/31

Flanged Ball Valve Series F15/F30

Flanged Ball Valve

Series F15/F30

Bray’s products

Market-driven product development

Market-driven product development is fully incorporated during the initial stages of product development. The first step in Bray’s product development process is to reach out to our customers. Bray’s global objectives focus heavily on having, maintaining and increasing customer relationships.


A great amount of emphasis is placed on customer relationship management to ensure there is not only strong communication on the sales side, but also significant influence into the product development efforts as well. It is important to all Bray employees that customers feel very involved in everything Bray does, especially with the products we develop.

  • Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

  • High Performance Butterfly Valves

  • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

  • Knife Gate Valves

  • Ball Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Actuators & Control Accessories

The petroleum industry changes to meet the demands of consumers, and Bray changes to meet the demands of the industries it serves. The Bray design team uses the most innovative technology to ensure every product will perform optimally. Prototypes are then ‘put through the wringer’ to guarantee the design process was successful. Individual materials and assemblies are subjected to a rigorous testing protocol prior to production release and during manufacturing. After assembly each valve is actuated and tested prior to shipment. All products are certified for their capabilities, i.e. flow capacity, fire safe, etc. These steps insure the quality that customers have come to rely on from Bray.

Fugitive Emissions Certifications

Product Line API 641 ISO 15848-1 TA Luft VDI 2440
Ball Valves M1
Butterfly Valves Acris
Tri Lok
McCannalok EN

Bray provides a one-source solution for automated emergency block valves and safety instrumented systems with SIL rated equipment to IEC 61511 as well as process control using smart technology for diagnostics and preventative maintenance.

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator Series 98

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Series 98

Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Series 92/93

Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

Series 92/93

Electric Actuator Series 70

Electric Actuator

Series 70

Positioner Series 6A


Series 6A

Switch Box Series 5B

Switch Box

Series 5B

Switch Box Series 5A

Switch Box

Series 5A

Pneumatic actuators

Series 98

The Series 98 actuators were designed primarily for pneumatic operation to a maximum pressure of 150 psi (10.3 Bar) and for temperature ranges of -50°F (-46°C) to 300°F (+149°C).
  • Compact design offers a high torque to weight ratio

  • Modular Design offers easy configuration in the field

  • Module alignment ensured by precision machined centering rings

  • Premium epoxy/polyurethane coating as standard

  • Torque Output ranging from 2,744 to 885,100 in-lb (310 to 100,000 Nm)

  • Spring End Torque ranging from 2,744 to 445,261 in-lb (310 to 50,306 Nm)

Pneumatic actuators

Bray's Series 92/93

Line of high performance and high quality pneumatic actuators combines styling, strength, compactness and simplicity of design to produce the best rotary actuator in the market today.
  • Spring Return: Bray’s Series 93 spring return models employ a unique cartridge system for easy conversion from direct acting to spring return actuation.

Certified & Trusted

By thousands of companies worldwide

Product realization within ISO 9001 requires design and manufacturing validation to be performed in accordance with planned arrangements to ensure the resulting product is capable of meeting the performance requirements for the specified application. Bray has a strict regimen of controls and facilities in place to ensure its products are capable of meeting those requirements.


Flow-Tek, a division of Bray, specializes in technically advanced ball valves suited for the harshest of service. From metal seated to double offset high performance, cryogenic to triple offset, Bray’s products cover everything. Bray offers complete valve, actuator, and control packages tailored to meet a wide variety of the industry's demanding applications. Seat leak tested to API 598/6D/ISO 5208 ZERO LEAKAGE, the Tri Lok can address applications ranging from steam and hydrocarbons to produced water and refined products, providing bi-directional zero leak performance. A tough industry needs a tough product, and Bray products perform. Bray has unique capabilities to design and manufacture a complete line of flow control products ranging from valves to actuators and controls.

Opened in 2011, the Bray Technical Center houses the latest and most innovative tools and test equipment to ensure design validation. The Bray Technical Center is also home to an 18 foot high pressure test bunker and test rack capable of testing valves up to 120 inch with actuators attached. A facility such as this ensures the product quality, reliability, and performance that our customers have come to expect from Bray. All Bray factories are ISO certified and products are designed and capable to comply to CE/PED, SIL, ANSI, JIS, DIN/PAS 1085, API, NSF, ASME and other relevant standards to meet the special requirements for cryogenic, fugitive emissions, water, nuclear, sanitary and many other applications.


For nearly thirty years, Bray has continued to improve and broaden its line of products to suit the needs of a growing global community. The petroleum industry is no exception. Bray leads the way with superior products designed by top engineers to outperform all competition. For all your industry needs, Bray has the solution.

Valve Design Standards

  • ASME B16.34 Valves

  • API 608 Metal Ball Valves

  • API 609 Category A Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves for offshore seawater handling

  • API 609 Category B High Performance and Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

  • API 594 Check Valves

  • API 6D Specification for Pipeline Valves

Piping Codes

  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping

  • ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems

Compliant with

  • API 598 Valve Testing

  • API 607 Fire-testing

  • API 641 Fugitive Emissions Testing

  • NACE MR0175 and MR0103

Valves Recommended within

  • API RP 615

  • API RP 553

Bray Certifications


Our performance tested products are in compliance with a variety of global certifications and approvals, including Lloyd's Register, UL, ABS and more.

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