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In support of requirements for high performance butterfly valves to US Navy MIL-V-24624, Bray has performed extensive validation including 20,000 cycle endurance testing, shock testing, vibration testing, fire-testing to API 607, throttle and flow testing, and other special testing to both US Navy and private commercial specifications. Alloys supplied for marine applications include

  • Nickel-Aluminum Bronze

  • Monel

  • Superaustenitic SS

  • Duplex SS

  • Superduplex SS

  • Titanium

  • 316 SS

Special designs such as top-entry, in-line repairable triple offset butterfly valves have been developed for LNG carriers. Make Bray your global flow control partner for the Marine and Shipbuilding Industry.

Marine Industry Bray International Valves


All Products that can be applied for Marine & Shipbuilding

McCannalok High Performance Butterfly Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valve


Tri Lok Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Tri Lok

Bray/Rite Check Valve

Check Valve


Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve Series 31U

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

Series 31U

3-Piece Ball Valve Triad

3-Piece Ball Valve


Unidirectional Knife Gate Series 940

Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve

Series 940

Bray’s products

Market-driven product development

Market-driven product development is fully incorporated during the initial stages of product development. The first step in Bray’s product development process is to reach out to our customers. Bray’s global objectives focus heavily on having, maintaining and increasing customer relationships.


A great amount of emphasis is placed on customer relationship management to ensure there is not only strong communication on the sales side, but also significant influence into the product development efforts as well. It is important to all Bray employees that customers feel very involved in everything Bray does, especially with the products we develop.

  • Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

  • High Performance Butterfly Valves

  • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

  • Knife Gate Valves

  • Ball Valves

  • Check Valves

  • Actuators & Control Accessories

High performance valves

McCannalok & Tri Lok

Bray/McCannalok and Tri Lok high performance valves are engineered to perform under the harshest conditions of the industry and can be relied upon to deliver dependability, versatility, and reliability at the most affordable price available.

  • High pressure

  • Zero leakage

  • Metal to metal sealing

A global presence in over 60 countries

Fully integrated and
innovative engineered products

A global presence in over 60 countries around the globe on six continents, Bray has developed a fully integrated and innovative product portfolio engineered to meet the needs and expectations of its customers in the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. These products include standard and severe service butterfly and ball valves, specialty slurry valves, knife gate valves, check valves, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls.


Additionally, Bray double and triple offset valves present enormous cost savings over other types. They offer considerable space savings, usually by a third or more. Being smaller, they are much lighter, up to ten percent. Space and weight savings are oftentimes critical and Bray valves have the advantage.

Marine & Shipbuilding Bray Products
Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator Series 98

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Series 98

Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator Series 92/93

Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Actuator

Series 92/93

Electric Actuator Series 70

Electric Actuator

Series 70

Positioner Series 6A


Series 6A

Proximity Sensor Series 54-GS

Proximity Sensor

Series 54-GS

Proximity Sensor 54-HS

Proximity Sensor

Series 54-HS

Pneumatic actuators

Series 98

The Series 98 actuators were designed primarily for pneumatic operation to a maximum pressure of 150 psi (10.3 Bar) and for temperature ranges of -50°F (-46°C) to 300°F (+149°C).
  • Compact design offers a high torque to weight ratio

  • Modular Design offers easy configuration in the field

  • Module alignment ensured by precision machined centering rings

  • Premium epoxy/polyurethane coating as standard

  • Torque Output ranging from 2,744 to 885,100 in-lb (310 to 100,000 Nm)

  • Spring End Torque ranging from 2,744 to 445,261 in-lb (310 to 50,306 Nm)

Electric actuators

Series 70

Bray Controls years of proven success in electric actuation, combined with innovative engineering, has produced the Series 70. The Series 70 features on-off or modulating control. This electric actuator for rotary valves delivers highly reliable service.
  • Stainless steel mechanical travel stops.

  • Infinitely adjustable travel limit cams.

  • Optional torque limiting switch system.

  • Servo operation can be configured to accept standard input signals.

Certified & Trusted

By thousands of companies worldwide

Bray high performance butterfly valves have been assessed by the US Navy, ABS and Bureau Veritas, Den Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Registrar, CCS and other authorities for various marine and shipbuilding standards including US Navy
  • MIL-V-24624

  • MIL-DTL-901E

  • MIL-STD-167-1A

Bray McCannalok double offset butterfly valves and Tri Lok triple offset butterfly valves compliant with ASME B16.34 and API 609 Category B with API 607 fire-testing are available for ASME B31.3 piping codes often applied in critical offshore production facilities and seawater services.
Bray Certifications


Our performance tested products are in compliance with a variety of global certifications and approvals, including Lloyd's Register, UL, ABS and more.

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