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The maritime industry includes commercial and military shipbuilding as well as maritime transport of cargo on container ships, cruise ships, ferries, coastal trade ships, Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) and other marine vessels. Bray manufacturs a full line of valves, actuators, controls and accessories engineered for dependable service in every aspect of commercial and naval marine applications.
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Valves for marine applications are engineered to withstand the harsh environments of corrosive saltwater, high mineralization found in freshwater lakes and rivers. Bray high performance butterfly valves have been assessed by the US Navy, ABS and Bureau Veritas, Den Norske Veritas, Lloyd’s Registrar, CCS and other authorities for various marine and shipbuilding standards including US Navy. Bray McCannalok double offset butterfly valves and Tri Lok triple offset butterfly valves compliant with ASME B16.34 and API 609 Category B with API 607 fire-testing are available for ASME B31.3 piping codes often applied in critical offshore production facilities and seawater services.
  • Valves for Seawater

  • Valves for Freshwater

  • Desalination Valves

  • Ship Ballast Valves

  • Heavy Fuel Oil Valves

  • Marine Boiler Valves

  • Fire Control & Suppression

  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS)

  • MIL-V-24624

  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze

  • Copper Nickel Bronze Valves

  • Monel & Nickel Alloy Valves

  • Stainless Steel Valves

  • Titanium Valves

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Valves for seawater Ballast Tanks, demineralization, reverse osmosis plants, fire suppression systems and more are found from stem to stern on military and commercial vessels. Seawater valves use corrosion resistant alloys including Nickel Aluminum Bronze (ASTM B-148/150 alloy C62400), Copper Nickel Bronze (ASTM B150, C63200), Duplex 2205 (ASTM A923), Monel 400 (ASTM B127/B164) and Titanium, making them ideal for marine applications. These metals have excellent resistance to stress cracking corrosion, fatigue corrosion, cavitation corrosion, scouring and Marine biological fouling. Bray offers a full line of marine butterfly valves and marine ball valves engineered for seawater applications in both commercial and military applications.
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Valves for freshwater are used maritime applications for the same reasons as on dry land. They are incorporated into systems for desalination, regulating coolants, boilers, chilled water systems, potable drinking water, sewage and waste disposal. Bray manufactures a full line of butterfly valves, ball valves, actuation and control accessories for virtually every freshwater marine application found on Military vessels, commercial shipping, Passenger cruise ships and more including drinking water applications per NSF-61/372.

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Marine Fuel

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), also known as bunker fuel, heavy bunker fuel or residual fuel oil, is the most prominently used fuels for propulsion of ships. Heavy fuel oil contains metals such as vanadium and nickel as well as minerals such as sulphur, sodium and silicone, which are abrasive, can create sludge deposits that are difficult to remove, and cause corrosion. Heavy fuel oil processing onboard ships and marine vessels requires Fuel Oil Purifiers, pumps, heating elements, settling tanks and service tanks. Fuel oil is also chemically treated. Bray's manufactures a full line of high performance butterfly valves for heavy fuel oil applications and zero leakage isolation ball valves featuring fire-safe designs tested per ISO 10497 for all marine fuel applications.
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