The Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation, also called Industry 4.0 is about collecting and analyzing data across the enterprise. Bray is leading the way in the Digital Transformation of Industrial Automation with products for the connected Enterprise.

Bray's Ethernet Actuators


EtherNet/IP™ is a network communication protocol for industrial automation technology based on the DeviceNet CIP (Common Industrial Protocol), capable of handling discrete, safety, motion, process, and drive control applications. Bray's Series 70 electric actuator is the first device with built in Ethernet/IP connectivity. Bray is the first manufacturer to incorporate Rockwell’s Add-on Profile (AOP) for an EtherNet/IP capable actuator, allowing the device to connect directly to Rockwell PLC's over Ethernet . This AOP enables customers to seamlessly register and quickly configure Bray S70 Actuators into Rockwell PLC’s via the Studio5000 software.

Industrial Internet of Things


The industrial internet of things refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together for  industrial applications.  Peer-to-peer connectivity enables data collection, analytics and exchange that can lead to transformative improvements to your bottom line. Bray is working to deliver IIOT technologies for Valves, Actuators and Positioners designed to support and optimize process control, reporting and analytics across our product portfolio.
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LoRaWAN™ or Long Range Wide Area Network technologies provide wireless communication and networking capability to wirelessly connect devices to the internet and manage communication between end-node devices and network gateways. Bray is enabling wireless communications for Industry 4.0.
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Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics enables your enterprise to create actionable insight from your connected smart devices through data mining of current and historical data and analysis using statistical algorithms and machine learning to determine predictions about future events. Such events can include the deterioration or failure prediction of connected field service devices such as valves, actuators and processes. Predictive analytics enables your enterprise to extract meaningful information for Risk Management and mitigation. Bray is enabling predictive analytics as part of our Digital Transformation to help our customers gain visibility into their processes for more accurate decision making with products and services that connect people, processes and technologies.  

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ROKLive Event 2020 - Simplicity in a Jungle of Wires

Bray's smart connected products integrated with Rockwell control systems enable process automation.

Bray IIoT Solutions Predictive Diagnostics

Bray IIoT Solutions Predictive Diagnostics


Electric Actuator S70 Servo NXT EtherNet/IP

The Servo NXT EtherNet/IPTM offers precise modulating service for accurate valve position control.

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