Welcome to the hub of Bray’s Partnership communication network.

Partnership best describes the commitment of Bray International, Inc. to an exemplary level of connection with our global network of goods and service providers. Partnership happens when we approach supplier communication in terms of relationship development and mutual commitment to success. This approach we’ve taken toward enriching our global supply chain has resulted in both increased product quality and relationship longevity.


Bray is committed to the highest ethical standards in all of its business dealings and by all who conduct business on our behalf. Our Partnerships are a reflection on Bray’s global distinction as a company committed to ethical responsibility and the highest quality and performance standards, which its brands are required to uphold.


This Partnership section has been created to clearly communicate Bray’s policies, terms and conditions and to host interaction with you directly. Whether you are currently our partner or wish to become one, please utilize the resources available, as they are provided with you in mind.


Thank you for your contribution to the success of Bray International, Inc. as we work together in Partnership.