Bray’s core values guide our daily decisions, to deliver sustainable solutions for our global community.

Environmental Impact

We are committed to delivering solutions to our customers. Our products are designed to increase efficiency and advance ESG goals. Additionally, our operational strategy drives out waste to reduce the environmental impact.

Social Responsibility

To pursue growth through improved and expanded high-quality product  offerings, always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations, manage our  business with integrity, and treat our team members with care and respect.


We are committed to excellence across all aspects of our business. Integrity is a core pillar of our existence. We comply with all international and local law and regulations in the countries we operate in around the world.

As a global company, we understand that our actions today shape the world for generations to come. With this profound awareness, Bray’s core values embody sustainability, ethical practices, and responsible governance into the fabric of our innovation, our operation and our customer service.



"We will be excellent in all we do and how we do it."


Customer Focus

"We know our customers’ success is essential to our success."



"We strive to create a safe work place and protect the environment."



"We do the right thing even if it costs us."



“We love good ideas.”


Valuing Employees

“We care for each other.”


Environmental Impact

Driven by Innovation and Excellence

Bray strives to reduce energy consumption and emissions through innovative technologies. Such as the use of solar panels to supply our factories with clean energy. We optimize our manufacturing processes to minimize waste and promote recycling of materials and office supplies.

Social Impact

Valuing our Employees and acting with Integrity

Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that respects and celebrates differences, we function as an international company with employees in 7 continents around the globe. Bray’s has policies in place to ensure we are driving social equality and improvements including: Child & Forced Labor Policy, Conflict-Free Sourcing Programs, Supplier Diversity, Code of Conduct, Human Tracking, Bray also engages in philanthropic activities supporting evens like the MS150, college scholarship programs for underprivileged students to study in engineering and medical fields as well as community outreach.


Moving forward together

Acting with integrity is a core pillar of our business. Bray focuses on protecting your and our assets across cybersecurity and data security. Our actions to ensure we comply with local and global laws. Training and awareness is a key across our organization in continuing our drive for excellence.

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