Control Ball Valve Flow-Tek Bray

Control Ball Valve


Size Range
NPS ¼ to 12 / DN 6 to 300
Temperature Range
-50°F to 650°F (-46°C to 343°C)
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
ASME Class 150, 300, 600
EN 1092 PN10, 16, 25, 40


Control Ball Valve - V-Control

Size Range
NPS ¼ to 12 / DN 6 to 300
Body Materials
Stainless Steel (CF8M), Carbon Steel (WCB)
Temperature Range
-50°F to 650°F (-46°C to 343°C)
Stem Materials
ASTM A479 Type 316
ASTM A564 Type 17-4PH
ASTM A182 Type F51
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
ASME Class 150, 300, 600
EN 1092 PN10, 16, 25, 40
Seat Materials
Standard: Tek-Fil®
Shutoff Rating
Class VI
Ball Materials
316, Stainless Steel (CF8M)
Body Style
Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld, Flanged End
Design Standard
ASME B16.34
Testing Standard
API 598, FCI 70-2
15° V-Port, 30° V-Port, 60° V-Port, 90° V-Port, Custom Slotted Port,
Custom V-Port
Face to Face
ASME B16.10
Temperature Control, Flow Control, Steam Control, Cavitation,
Level Control & PH Service

Features & Benefits

A bubble-tight shutoff valve and precision control valve combined in one

Standard round ported ball valves have been used, and continue to be used, for many control applications such as services involving moderate pressure drops. Now, with the development of Flow-Tek’s characterized V-balls, a full range of control applications is available with superior flow control. These 1/4-turn control ball valves are more compact, lighter weight and much less expensive than comparably sized globe valves and segmented control valves offered by other companies. Flow-Tek control valves offer fast response times to control signals due to advanced digital control of actuation and the inherent strengths of ball valves. These valves exceed Class VI offering bubble-tight shutoff with zero leakage. Other features include superior rangeabiltiy and repeatability, high flow capacity, the ability to function with fluids containing solids and fibers, ease of maintenance and exceptional interface with PLCs and computer command signals. Flow-Tek high quality pneumatic and electric control actuators are very durable and efficient.

Increased Linear Response

Due to the in-line design inherent with characterized control ball valves, line media flows linearly through the piping system. The direct pattern provides increased media control and rapid response times to controller commands.

Exceptional Characterized Control

Flow-Tek’s characterized balls provide predictable and accurate control of downstream flow rates. These precision cut balls match the control performance of globe valves while offering the economy, features and reduced size and weight of ball valves. Flow-Tek offers a wide range of V-Port and Slotted Port characterized balls. The standard characterized balls and an example of a custom ball are shown above. The 90° and 60° balls, like standard round hole balls, offer an equal percentage inherent flow characteristic. A slotted ball and a V-Port ball with a small angle opening, such as a 15° ball, furnish a linear inherent flow characteristic. medium angle V-Port valves such as a 30° ball furnish a modified equal percentage inherent flow characteristic. Custom ports are also available to meet special control requirements. Designed with flexibility in process conditions in mind, the Cv and control characteristics are easily changed by simply changing the ball.

High Rangeability

The characterized ball delivers controllable flow characteristics from the nearly closed to the fully open position of the valve. Though port type and valve size affects the rangeability, Flow-Tek characterized balls have a minimum rangeability of 200:1 and can exceed 800:1. Flow rates are highly repeatable within the normal 20% – 80% range of travel.

High Flow Capacity

Flow-Tek’s control ball valves have been designed to offer maximum flow characteristics that are substantially higher than comparably sized globe valves. The inherent flow pattern of ball valves increases flow rates and in many applications valves smaller than pipeline size can be used. The self-cleaning action of the ball against the seat makes the ball valve acceptable for slurry and high fiber media services.

High Pressure Drops

Engineered to withstand high pressure drops while providing leak free operation, the V-Control Series delivers the precision control required by today’s process industries. The δP limit for liquids is up to 500psi and steam is up to 300psi. Please consult the factory or your distributor for information on control valve sizing and pressure drop limitations.


Bidirectional Bubble-Tight Shutoff

V-Control Series ball valves offer bi-directional bubble-tight Class VI shutoff in compliance with FCI 70-2 standards.

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