California Transparency in Supply Chains Act


Bray International, Inc.’s (“Bray”) business ethics standards are built on obeying both the letter and the spirit of all applicable laws. Bray’s Business Practices and Ethics Policy requires employees to obey all local, regional and federal laws in its operating locations, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking.


Each Bray employee is trained to understand the substance of the Policy and how it is to be applied. Bray treats all potential legal or Business Practices and Ethics Policy violations seriously, and encourages all persons subject to its Policy to preserve Bray’s highest standards for business ethics and integrity by reporting suspected violations to their supervisors or human resources representatives.


Supply Chain

Bray evaluates, identifies, assesses and manages human trafficking risks in its supply chain taking into account all goods identified as vulnerable to forced labor. While currently no goods in its product supply chain are identified as vulnerable, verification is ongoing as additions and changes are made. Bray recognizes and respects all labor and employment laws, including those which address slavery and human trafficking, wherever Bray does business.


Bray evaluates its suppliers’ compliance to all ethical and social standards including human trafficking, slavery, and forced labor, and requires its suppliers to register with Bray’s Supplier's Code of Conduct certifying their compliance with all applicable local, regional and federal laws where they operate.


Bray is committed to fair labor practices within its supply chain. Adhering to the Supplier's Code of Conduct is a prerequisite to supplying goods or services to Bray.