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Wherever valve performance is required to maintain climate controlled environments, Bray can provide the required automated valves to meet the demanding flow applications of chiller/boiler isolation, air handlers and terminal units for new construction, retrofit and/or LEED certification applications including: Hospitals, Commercial Offices, Schools and Universities, Airports, Data Centers, Hotels, Government and Municipal Buildings, Sports/Entertainment and Convention Centers. 
Bray is a trusted provider of valves, actuators, controls and accessories for HVAC system in every industry with a reputation for quality.
Bray has earned a global reputation for extended reliability by creating products of superior value and quality for HVAC applications.

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Cooling Tower and Chiller Valves

Cooling towers and chillers are essential to HVAC cooling systems for a wide variety of commercial and industrial facilities. Bray manufactures a wide range of valves actuators, control products and accessories for cooling towers and chiller systems are engineered to provide zero leakage, high rangeability and control accuracy to reduce pumping costs, boost power usage effectiveness and optimize chiller systems that evaporatively cool and feed chilled water to equipment and buildings from central chilled-water cooling plants. Bray products can be found in HVAC chillers and cooling tower applications including:
  • Cooling Towers

  • Chillers

  • Air Handling Units

  • Boilers

  • Heat Exchanger Control

  • Chilled Beams

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Terminal Units

  • Water Treatment

  • VAV Reheat Coils

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Industrial HVAC

Industrial HVAC systems, including central cooling plants, chillers, cooling towers, pump skids and chilled water distribution systems worldwide utilize Bray High Performance resilient seated butterfly valves that set the design standard for quality, reliability, performance and long service life in a wide variety of of HVAC applications. Bray 3L, NY and AB series butterfly valves are specifically designed for automated applications on chilled water, hot water and condenser water applications and are 100% factory tested for bubble-tight shutoff and low seating/unseating torque.

The BVMS Series Industrial Ball valves are flanged segmented valves designed for control applications and feature a characterized ball segment for high rangeability. The BVM Series floating ball valves are designed for low torque and increased cycle life. Both Characterized V-Balls and full port versions provide multiple Cv values in each size. Bray’s MKL Series Butterfly Valves are used for Building Automation, Temperature Controls, HVAC 2-Way and 3-Way Assemblies, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Steam, and Special Applications.
Industrial HVAC
Commercial HVAC

Bray Products Optimized for

Commercial HVAC

Trust Bray to meet your commercial HVAC system needs without wide range of valves, actuators, controls and accessories for commercial HVAC. In addition to producing valves of unsurpassed quality, our core competency is servicing our BAS partners, OEM's and contractors to ensure you receive the most effective and economical commercial HVAC valve solution package for your application. The Bray Commercial HVAC product profile is a great place to start. This brochure contains the basic specifications on all of our major product lines for commercial HVAC heating and cooling applications.

Commercial HVAC systems utilize interconnected systems that provide heating, ventilation, and cooling to individual floors or other areas within a building or factory. Bray commercial HVAC valves, actuators, controls and accessories.

Bray Simple Set Series (SS) and Simple Set Max (SSM) Pressure Independent Control Valves feature Pressure Independent Control (PIC) that delivers high rangeability control and dynamic balancing that prevents overflow at any load condition, which contributes to optimal coil performance and primary equipment efficiency in Data Center Cooling Applications as well as reducing commissioning costs by combining both the balancing component with the valve.

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Bray products are performance tested and certified to conform to ASHRAE Standards as well as a variety of other global certifications and approvals, including; API 607, NACE MR0175, PED 2014/68/EU, ATEX 94/9/EC, GOST-R, SIL IEC 61508 SC 3, ANSI FCI 70-2, NSF/ANSI 61-2008, Lloyd's Register, UL, ABS, Ukraine TR and more. Bray's reliability is trusted to meet uptime demands for mission critial Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Centers.

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