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Flanged Ball Valve

Series RF15/RF30

Size Range
1 - 12" (25 - 300mm)
Temperature Range
-50°F to 650°F (-46°C to 343°C)
Pressure Rating
RF15: Flanged ASME Class 150
RF30: Flanged ASME Class 300


Flanged Ball Valve - Series RF15/RF30

Size Range
1 - 12" (25 - 300mm)
Body Materials
Stainless Steel (CF8M), Carbon Steel (WCB), Special Alloys
Temperature Range
-50°F to 650°F (-46°C to 343°C)
Stem Materials
ASTM A479 Gr 316, 174-pH, Monel
Pressure Rating
RF15: Flanged ASME Class 150
RF30: Flanged ASME Class 300
Seat Materials
Standard: TFM 1600
Optional: Tek-Fil®*, PEEK, UHMWPE, RPTFE, Metal
Shutoff Rating
Ball Materials
Stainless Steel (CF8M)
Body Style
One Piece
Design Standard
ASME B16.34, API 608, MSS SP72, NACE MRO175
Testing Standards
API 598, ASME B16.34, MSS SP 61
API 607
Standard Port
Face to Face
ASME B16.10
Process, Tank Farms, Fueling, Oil & Gas

Features & Benefits

Bray® Series RF15 & RF30 raised face flanged ball valves are used worldwide for reliable general purpose flow control applications. With the availability of a wide variety of optional trims and accessories, these versatile raised face flanged reduced port ball valves provide exceptional value and dependable operation across a wide range of service conditions in every industry.

Series RF15/RF30 reduced port flanged ball valves are engineered to ensure bubble-tight shutoff and low operating torque. ½” – 2” sizes feature Flow-Tek's Smart Stem technology with integral live load packing. 2 ½” – 12” valves utilize an independent packing gland which can be easily adjusted without removing mounting hardware or operator. The packing gland is contoured to uniformly distribute the load across the packing. The live load packing is self-adjusting due to its Belleville washers allowing it to compensate for environmental changes and wear, ensuring maintenance free operation and long cycle life. 12" valves feature a trunnion-type ball support to reduce operating torque.

All resilient seat materials ensure bi-directional, bubble tight sealing and feature relief slots on the seat outer diameter to relieve pressure past the upstream seat in case of an upset situation such as trapped gas in the valve body as well as positive preloading to ensure low pressure/vacuum sealing capability.

Non-Fire Safe and API 607 Fire Safe Valves:

Series RF15/RF30 valves are available as non-fire safe with standard stem seals or fire safe to API 607 with graphite stem seals.

Secure Mount

Series RF15/RF30 valves offer ease of automation due to an integrally cast actuator mounting pad that complies with ISO 5211 through 2” valve sizes.

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