Three Piece Ball Valve Triad Flow-Tek

3-Piece Ball Valve

Triad Series

Size Range
NPS ¼ to 4 / DN 8 to 100
Temperature Range
-50°F to 550°F (-46°C to 287°C)
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
2200 psi CWP (151 Bar)


3-Piece Ball Valve - Triad Series

Size Range
NPS ¼ to 4 / DN 8 to 100
Body Materials
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Special Alloys
Temperature Range
-50°F to 550°F (-46°C to 287°C)
Stem Materials
316 Stainless Steel
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
2200 psi CWP (151 Bar)
Seat Materials
Standard: TFM 1600, Optional: Tek-Fil®, PEEK, UHMWPE, RPTFE, Metal, Cavity Fillers
Shutoff Rating
Zero Leakage
Ball Materials
CF8M Stainless Steel
Body Style
Three Piece
Design Standard
ASME B16.34 Class 600
End Connections
Threaded ASME B1.20.1 NPT, Socket Weld ASME B16.11, Extended Socket Weld, Butt Weld ASME B16.25, Extended Butt Weld, Flanged Class 600, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5
Testing Standard
API 598, MSS SP72
API 607 4th Edition, ATEX, CRN, NACE MR0175, PED, PE(S)R, TR CU, SIL
Full Port NPS ¼ to 4 / DN 8 to 100
Standard Port NPS ¾ to 2½" / DN 20 to 65
Face to Face
ASME B16.10, Manufacturer Standard
Process, Steam, Fire Safe, Industrial Gases

Features & Benefits

The Triad Series 3-piece ball valve features live-loaded stem seals and a redundant body seal design. Available in full and standard port models, these rugged, high pressure three piece valves are ideal for process, severe service, high temperature, and high cycle applications.
  • Smart Stem Assemblies

    Flow-Tek manufactures heavy duty, high quality stems with double "D" connection to ball and operator mounting. All Flow- Tek stems are internal entry and blowout proof for maximum safety. Triad Series valves through 2 1/2" feature strong, large diameter stems with live-loaded, self-adjusting primary and secondary sealing. Utilizing Belleville washers, the stem seal automatically adjusts to compensate for changes in temperature and normal wear. The assembly is secured by a saddle-type lock washer, preventing unthreading of stem nuts in high cycle automation applications.

  • Stem Seals

    The Thrust Washer of 50% Stainless Steel, 50% PTFE and the Thrust Washer Protector of PEEK combine to provide the primary seal. An adjustable Stem Packing and an additional PEEK Packing Protector create a multiple secondary seal between the stem and body. The stem packing is composed of graphite providing fire safe protection and a very high cycle life. This dual stem seal arrangement is a Flow-Tek exclusive.

  • Anti-Static Protection

    Anti-Static Protection Triad Series valves feature anti-static grounding devices as standard. These devices ensure electrical continuity between valve ball, stem and body, eliminating the possibility of static electrical charges creating sparks within the valve.

  • Stem Design for 3" & 4" Valves

    The stem is guided by the valve body and the gland, ensuring smooth operation even in high torque service. The packing gland is adjustable and all stems are polished to reduce torque. Optional Belleville washers can be added for a self-adjusting, live load.

  • Dual Body Seals

    Flow-Tek's Triad Series valves utilize a dual body seal system to provide added protection against external leakage. The inner primary seal is TFM material. The secondary seal is graphite. Utilizing TFM as the inner seal minimizes the possibility of color contamination of the process media. Both body seals are securely retained in grooves machined into the body. These grooves reduce seal movement and cold flow. Therefore, constant compression is maintained even under extreme conditions.

  • Secure Mount

    A unique standard feature of the Triad Series is an integrally cast top flange that ensures positive actuator mounting. This actuator mounting pad eliminates unwanted actuator movement during high cycle or continuous duty applications. Actuation equipment can be easily and safely removed while the valve is under full line pressure. The actuator mounting pad is in compliance with ISO 5211 bolting pattern standards. Additionally, the mounting pad allows for ease of field assembly of Flow-Tek's Media Containment Unit. This unit, combined with the double body seals, makes this the ideal valve for emissions free severe service, elevated & semi-cryogenic temperatures and high cycle applications.

  • Seat Selection

    A wide range of seat materials are available to meet most applications. The standard seat is TFM 1600 - offering the exceptional chemical resistance of PTFE plus lower porosity and permeability, improved temperature range and reduced valve torques. Options include RPTFE, Stainless Steel/PTFE (50/50), UHMWPE, Virgin PTFE, PEEK, Tek-Fil® (carbon/graphite filled TFM), full metal seats and Cavity Fillers. PEEK seats offer high pressure/temperature capability. Tek-Fil seats offer reduced torque in high temperature, high cycle, and steam service applications.

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