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High Performance Butterfly Valve

Series 41R

Size Range
16 - 54" (400 - 1400mm)
Temperature Range
-20°F to 500°F (-29°C to 260°C)
Pressure Ratings
100 psi (7 bar)


High Performance Butterfly Valve - Series 41R

Size Range
16 - 54" (400 - 1400mm)
Body Materials
Phosphatized Ductile Iron, Phosphatized Carbon Steel
Temperature Range
-20°F to 500°F (-29°C to 260°C)
Stem Materials
Stainless Steel
Pressure Ratings
100 psi (7 bar)
Seat Materials
Shutoff Rating
Zero Leakage
Disc Materials
Carbon Steel with Stainless Steel Edge
Body Style
Flange Drilling
ASME B16.5
Sugar Industry, Steam Service

Features & Benefits

The Bray/McCannalok Series 41R high performance butterfly valve is specially designed for the sugar industry to offer rugged reliability and extremely easy maintenance in the field. Independent and internal tests have proven Bray/ McCannalok’s superior service life capability, with zero leakage shutoff through over 100,000 cycles.

This valve incorporates the same proven design features of the standard Bray/McCannalok butterfly valve, which has proven to be the leader in double offset valve design for over 30 years, in a lighter and more economical configuration specifically designed to handle the low pressure steam of evaporators. It can be used along with the standard higher pressure Bray/ McCannalok butterfly valves and shares the same spare parts, thereby reducing the need for special or different inventory.

The Bray/McCannalok’s unique, patented design received Chemical Processing’s Vaaler Award for Best Product shortly after it was introduced. The Bray/McCannalok valves can be easily automated with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators. 



  • Steam Valves for Evaporators
  • Evaporator Steam and Escape Valves
  • 100% Bi-Directional Bubble-tight
  • Large Cv
  • Easy Automation
  • Award-winning Design
  • Lighter weight

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