Severe Service Ball Valve Series M4

Severe Service Ball Valve

Series M4

Size Range
NPS ½ to 2½ SW or BW / DN 15 to 65
NPS 3 to 4 BW / DN 80 to 100
Temperature Range
Up to 1100°F (593°C)
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
ASME CL1700, 3100, 4500
NPS ½ to 2½: Limited Class, NPS 3 to 4: Standard Class


Severe Service Ball Valve - Series M4

Size Range
NPS ½ to 2½ SW or BW / DN 15 to 65
NPS 3 to 4 BW / DN 80 to 100
Body Materials
A105, A182-F22 Cl. 3, A182-F91/F92
Temperature Range
Up to 1100°F (593°C)
Stem Materials
431 Stainless Steel/QPQ, Inconel® 718
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
ASME CL1700, 3100, 4500
NPS ½ to 2½: Limited Class, NPS 3 to 4: Standard Class
Seat Materials
410 SS/HVOF Chromium Carbide, Inconel® 718 Spray & Fused Chromium Carbide
Shutoff Rating
Zero Leakage
Ball Materials
410 SS/HVOF Chromium Carbide, Inconel® 718/HVOF Chromium Carbide
Bore Sizes
0.63", 1.03", 1.56"
Body Style
Unibody / One piece
Design Standard
ASME B16.34, Bore sizes per ASME TDP-1, PED
End Connections
Socket Weld (ASME B16.11), Butt Weld (ASME B16.25), Flanged & Special
Testing Standard
Meets and exceeds API 598, MSS SP 61 or Per Customer Request
Full & Reduced available, compliance to ASME TDP-1 available
Face to Face
Manufacturer's Standard. Custom Upon Request
Power plant steam vents & drains, isolation or blowdown of steam, water, and other high temperature and/or high pressure clean medias

Features & Benefits

Vents & Drain Valves

The Series M4 Severe Service ball valves are engineered specifically for Isolation in Vents & Drains Valve applications in the power industry. Series M4 valves are rigorously tested for dependable zero leakage on/off applications in high pressure, high temperature steam and superheated steam. Series M4 Vent & Drain Valves ensure maintenance free operation in the most extreme conditions.

Bray® Series M4 severe service ball valves are ideal for service in conventional coal and combined cycle power generation, Nuclear balance of plant applications, Co-Generation, for boiler drains, feedwater drains, header drains, turbine drains, above and below seat drains, superheater vents and drains, steam drum vents, sootblower isolation, bypass line isolation and economizer header drain applications as well as specialized applications including, power operated pressure relief valves, sky vents and special applications upon request.

Featuring a standard 4 year performance warranty, series M4 severe service ball valves are engineered using advanced technology, featuring a 1-piece unibody body construction, with heavy-duty drivetrain, 360° mate-Lapped ball and seat with high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) and spray & fuse hard coating options along and live-load packing with Belleville springs. The ball and seats are constructed with the same materials and coatings, ensuring reliable tight shutoff and low seat stress during thermal cycling due to the parts shared thermal expansion rates, ensuring maintenance free operation, even in high-cycle service applications.

Series M4 Valves are manufactured in our ISO 9001:2015 facility with full traceability, including MTR’s, and certified to the requirements of Annex III, Module H of PED 97/23/EC, TSG, CRN and available compliance with TDP-1. M4 products are in stock and available for quick delivery worldwide to support MRO, turnarounds and planned maintenance intervals as wells as new plant construction projects.

Quality, Safety & Certification

  • Zero Leakage is defined as no detectable or visible leakage of gas or liquid for a period of three minutes or greater.*
  • Standard 4 yr. performance warranty.*
  • Our facilities have achieved ISO 9001:2008 for the design and manufacture of severe service valves
  • All pressure containing components are fully traceable
*Refer to Terms and Conditions for full details.

  • A.

    Utilizing the same material and coating composition for the ball and seat, both parts expand at the same rate during thermal cycling, ensuring reliable tight shutoff.

    The ball and seat are 360° mate-lapped to create a truly spherical interface, eliminating irregularities found with traditional mate-lapping techniques.
    Wider sealing surfaces reduce dynamic cycling stresses promoting extended valve life and tight shutoff

  • B.

    Forged heavy walled unibody construction eliminates the body joint and any potential for shell leakage.

    CNC machined for utmost accuracy.
    Transitioning angles maximize flow rates.

  • C.

    Cast steel bracket with increased thickness for superior rigidity.

    CNC machined to fully align the body, bracket, and stem, eliminating side to side motion.
    Permanently attached bracket.

  • D.

    High strength one piece stem with upper bearing ring.

    Ensures proper alignment.
    Extends valve life and maximizes stem sealing by limiting stem side loading.
    Prevents stem blow-out.

  • E.

    Robust ISO 5211 mounting flange supports direct mounting of high temperature actuators or conventional adaptation for standard actuators.

  • F.

    Inconel® 718 Belleville spring exerts continuous force onto the ball and seat maintaining the seal throughout operating temperatures.

  • G.

    Set of Inconel® 718 Belleville springs live load the stem packing for low maintenance leak prevention.

  • H.

    External body groove effectively dissipates conductive heat during the postweld heat treatment (PWHT) process.

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