Cx Line

Commitment, Safety, Reliability & Sustainability. These elements are our passion to design, engineer and manufacture our new Cx Line products.  Offering valve solutions that consistently deliver results for your unique process conditions. All Cx Line products feature a digital valve identification tag that allows easy access to the details that matter. 
Bray valves, actuators and accessories are designed to meet the critical Safety requirements of the chemical Industry.
Bray has earned a global reputation for exceptional reliability by creating products that meet performance demands in chemicals.
3-Cx. Resilient Seated



The 2-Cx provides a lined valve for superior chemical resistance. It features a live-loaded, self-adjusting sealing system with certified packing and its seat energizer extends completely around the seat for zero leakage.

 Resilient Seated


The 3-Cx resilient seated butterfly valve features a molded-in seat design for durability and reliability. The precision profiled disc sealing edge extends the valve life by reducing seat wear. With its upper and lower stem bearings the 3-Cx operating torque is reduced and reliability increased.
3-Cx. Resilient Seated
4-Cx. Double Offset

 Double Offset


The 4-Cx double offset valve is designed to deliver quality, value and reliability in the most demanding applications. The double offset geometry reduces seat wear and extends valve service life. It features an adjustable live-loaded stem sealing system with certified packing and the extended neck also allows for simplified pipe insulation.

 Triple Offset

Tri Lok®-Cx.

The Tri Lok®-Cx is designed for zero leakage, high reliability and easy maintenance. It features an adjustable live-loaded stem sealing with certified packing and the extended next allows for simplified pipe insulation. A key element are the field replaceable sealing components and the splined stem connection offers maximum strength and minimizes hysteresis. The Tri-Lok®-Cx is suitable for critical service applications.
Tri Lok®-Cx. Triple Offset
KM 20/21 Kugelhahn Müller

Flanged Ball Valve

KM 20/21

The Kugelhahn Müller KM20/21 flanged ball valves are designed for maximum safety and durability. It features an adjustable live-loaded PTFE stem sealing or O-Ring sealing system with certified packing. With its replaceable components these ball valves are easy to maintain and fully repairable. Various configuration options are available, such as Fire-Safe, High-Temperature or Heat-Jacketed.


Bray DIGI-ID™ digital asset tag provides digital access to standardized product data via a QR Code in accordance with IEC 61406 (DIN 91406). All Cx Line products are offered with this tag providing technical information such as: Product Data Sheets, Technical Manuals, Installation Operations & Maintenance Manuals (IOMs) & Declaration of Conformity.


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