Filter Regulator Series 55 Bray International

Filter Regulator

Series 55

Set Pressure
-125 PSIG
(0.5 - 8.6 Bar)
Temperature Range
32°F - 175°F (0°C - 80°C)
(SCFM)*: 30


Filter Regulator - Series 55

Temperature Range
32°F - 175°F (0°C - 80°C)
(SCFM)*: 30
Zinc / Non-Removable Rising Knob
Pressure Ports
1/4" NPT or G 1/4
Gauge Ports
G 1/8
Set Pressure
-125 PSIG
(0.5 - 8.6 Bar)
Stainless Steel wall mounting bracket
5 micron
Max Operable Pressure
145 psi
Gauge Range
0-145 psi

Features & Benefits

The Bray Series 55 Filter Regulator is a 5 micron filter designed to provide nominal filtration removal of solids and liquids from the compressed air with accurate control to any pneumatic control device and are strongly recommended for use with the Bray Series 6P and 6A positioners.



Filter Regulator Series 55 Features

  • A. Locking Nob

    Allows for downstream pressure adjustment and locks the pressure setting in place

  • B. Threaded Collar

    Permits easy attachment of bracket for panel mounting

  • C. Pressure Ports

    1/4” NPT or 1/4 G Metric

  • D. Bowl Quick Release

    Allows for easy removal of the bowl and guard for access to the filter element without the need for special tools

  • E. Transparent Polycarbonate Bowl

    Provides easy view of liquid levels

  • F. Metal Bowl Guard

    Provides sturdy breakage protection from external environmental factors

  • G. Push-button drain

    Allows for easy removal of liquid from the bowl

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