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Electric Actuator

Series 76

Size Range
1A through 7C
1X through 5Y
3 Phase: 220V, 380V & 460V
1 Phase: 110V, 220V & 240VAC
24V DC, 24V AC/DC
Output Torque
3 Phase: Torque up to 79,000 in-lbs (9,000 Nm)
1 Phase: Torque up to 26,500 in-lbs (3,000 Nm)
DC: Torque up to 2,600 in-lbs (300 Nm)


Electric Actuator - Series 76

Size Range
1A through 7C
1X through 5Y
Enclosure Type
Weatherproof | Explosionproof
Control Options
Potentiometer: 1K Ohm
Position Transmitter: Output Signal: 4-20mA dc
Modulating: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc, 1-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 2-10Vdc
Local Control Station
Output Torque
3 Phase: Torque up to 79,000 in-lbs (9,000 Nm)
1 Phase: Torque up to 26,500 in-lbs (3,000 Nm)
DC: Torque up to 2,600 in-lbs (300 Nm)
ISO 5211 or MS SP-101
Enclosure Ratings
NEMA: 4, 4X, 6
Ingress Protection: IP66/67
Submersible: IP68 Optional
Squirrel Caged AC Induction Motor
- Class F Motor Insulation 311°F(155°C)
- Embedded thermal protection 275°F (135°C)
DC Brushed Motor
- Class B Motor Insulation 266°F (130°C)
Temperature Range
-4°F | -20°C to 140°F | +60°C
-40°F |-40°C to 140°F |+60°C Optional
Body Materials
High grade aluminum alloy,
Anodized interior and exterior
Polyester powder top coated
Weatherproof: FCC, ICES, CE, UKCA, CSA
Explosionproof: FCC, ICES, ATEX, IECEx, CSA
Duty Cycle
S2 (On-Off) Per EN 60034-1
S4 (Modulating) Per EN 60034-1

On/Off Applications: Per EN 22153 (Class A) 
Modulating Applications:
Per EN 22153 (Class C)

Features & Benefits

High performance without compromise. The Series 76 is a heavy-duty, quarter turn electric actuator ideal for industrial valve automation. Available in various power voltage supplies and designed for on/off and modulating applications for a wide range of markets and industries.

The Bray Series 76 is a quarter-turn industrial electric actuator with manual override for use on any quarterturn valve or damper requiring up to 79, 000 in-lbs (9,000 Nm) of torque. Operating speeds vary between 17 to 130 seconds depending on torque, voltage, and frequency.

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    • 1. High Visibility Position Indicator:

      The display indicates valve position through the full range of travel The O-ring sealed dome is made of high impact, heat, chemical and ultraviolet resistant clear polycarbonate and designed to withstand caustic wash down ensuring excellent corrosion protection.

      Weatherproof: Sizes 1 through 4 and size 6 have a top mount dome, prominently labeled and color coded yellow for open, red for close.
      See Fig. 1.
      Sizes 5 and 7 use 3: 1 auxiliary gear, will have a clear dome with green markings indicate open while red indicates closed. See Fig. 2.
      Explosionproof: Sizes 1 through 5 uses flat indicator window dial.
      See Fig 3.

    • 2. Enclosure:

      The housing is fully anodized internally and externally, with a polyester powder topcoat applied to ensure corrosion, wear, and UV resistance in the harshest environments.

    • 3. Captive Cover Bolts:

      The cover is attached to the base by captive stainless-steel bolts placed outside the sealing area.

    • 4. O-ring Seal:

      The o-ring between the cover and base provides environmental sealing preventing internal corrosion.

    • 5. Manual Override:

      Hand-operated declutch lever physically disconnects the motor drive from the handwheel for manual operation The lockable lever prevents any unauthorized operation.

    • 6. Mechanical Travel Stops:

      Designed to prevent overtravel in the open or close direction during manual operation Travel stops bolts include a locknut to prevent loosening, and seals to prevent water ingress.

    • 7. Motor:

      Fan cooled, high torque, squirrel Caged AC Induction Motor. Class F insulation. Or DC brushed type.

    • 8. Limit Switches:

      Rotary switch type for easy configuration 4 limit switches standard.
      > 2 Available for position feedback.
      > Additional limit switches available.

    • 9. Torque Switches:

      Open and close torque switches protect the valve for actuator sizes 2 and above. Switches are set at unit rating to eliminate nuisance tripping.

    • 10. Heater:

      Thermostatically controlled to combat condensation build-up in the unit.

    • 11. Local Control Station:

      Integral to actuator housing Local-Remote-Stop padlockable selector, Open-close selector, Power (white), Open/Opening (Red), Remote (Blue), Close/Closing (Green) and Fault (Yellow) LED lights Available as an option for 1 Phase and standard in 3 Phase.

    • 12. Output Drive:

      Double reduction worm gear design allows output motor torque to be transmitted to the valve The design incorporates a self-locking feature preventing external forces adversely effecting desired valve position and equipped with anti-rotation mechanism.
      > Worm: Alloy Steel
      > Worm Gear: Bronze

    • 13. Mounting:

      Optional flange sizes for easy installation to any valve type and size per ISO 5211 and MS SP-101.

    • 14. Conduit Entries:

      Incoming power and control cable connections Standard protective plastic covers.

    Figure 1: Sizes 1-4, and Size 6.

    Figure 2: Sizes 5 & 7

    Figure 3: Sizes 1-5

    Series 76 Electric Actuators - Weatherproof

    Size Range:
    1A through 7C

    Enclosure Type:


    Conduit Entries:

    Sizes 1 thru 5 = 3x 3/4” NPT or 3x M20
    Sizes 6 thru 7 = 2x 3/4” NPT + 1x 1”NPT or 2x M20 + 1x M25


    Series 76 Electric Actuators - Explosionproof

    Size Range:
    1X through 5Y

    Enclosure Type:


    Conduit Entries:

    All sizes = 2x 3/4” NPT or 2x M25


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