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Electric Actuator Series 70

Additional Info

  • Torque: 300 to 18,000 in-lb (34-2030 Nm)
  • Voltage: VAC: 24, 120, 220
    VDC: 12,24
  • Standard Enclosure: NEMA 4, 4X
  • Explosion Proof: NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9
  • Electric Actuator

    Output Torque 300 in-lb (34 Nm) to 18,000 in-lb (2,034 Nm)

    Bray Controls’ years of proven success in electric actuation, combined with innovative engineering, has produced the Series 70 electric actuator. The Series 70 features on/off or modulating control. Bray’s Series 70 electric actuator has many advantages over other actuators including:

    • UL,CSA and CE certification of most units
    • Wiring directly to the terminal strip without interference from other components
    • Simple and unique manual override handwheel system
    • Lowest profile and lightest weight actuator on the market
    • Simple finger or screwdriver adjustment of travel limit cams without interference from other components
    • Highly visible valve status display on most units

    Designed like a junction box, the Series 70 offers by far the easiest access to terminal block wiring, cam adjustments and switch installation. Therefore, the time required for field startup and adjustment is greatly reduced, and maintenance can be performed with assured ease and safety.


    Travel Limit SPDT Switches

    Travel Limit SPDT Switches

    Bray has provided two SPDT mechanical switches as standard. These durable, high quality switches are mechanically isolated and electrically independent. The dedicated circuits eliminate any voltage crossover between the switches. This switch combination is used for both open and closed positions of the valve and requires only one cam for each direction of valve travel. Bray’s design provides synchronicity between motor control and position display. Switches are easily accessible without interference from other components. Each switch is marked with open or close labels and the cams are color coded, green for open and red for close, eliminating the possibility of incorrect wiring.

    Cam Adjustment

    Bray’s patented cam design is an outstanding feature of the Series 70. Cams for each switch are infinitely adjustable by finger touch or screwdriver with no special tools needed. The adjustment knobs rotate the specially formed cams. Each cam is color coded – the red adjustment knob controls the red cam (close position), and the green knob controls the green cam (open position). Standard factory setting allows 90° travel between open and closed positions.

    Conduit Entries

    Conduit Entries

    Two connections in either NPT or metric threads. One entry is for power, the other for control wiring.

    Explosion Proof Enclosure

    Series 70 Electric Actuator

    The Series 70 optional waterproof/ explosion proof unit is UL NEMA 4,4x listed and certified to specifications for USA & Canadian hazardous locations Class-I C&D Div 1&2; Class-II GRPS EF&G Div 1&2. The rugged, heavy duty housing contains precision machined bores and flanges to meet flame path requirements. Waterproof/Explosion proof models are currently available with 800 to 2,000 in-lb. output torque, continuous or intermittent duty.


    Series 70 Electric Actuator

    [A] Terminal Block: The actuator switches are pre-wired to an easily accessible terminal block. Terminals are clearly identified for customer wiring. The block has been placed near the two conduit entries with ample room for running wire leads. A wir- ing diagram is included inside the cover for easy reference. The ground wire screw is plated green and positioned for easy access.

    [B] Valve Status Display: Prominently labeled and color coded – yellow for open, red for closed – the display indicates valve position through the full range of travel. The display can be seen from almost any angle. Made of high impact, heat and chemical resistant clear polycarbonate, this display withstands caustic wash down and offers excellent corrosion protection. Potential leak paths are eliminated since the indicator cover utilizes a static seal, not a dynamic seal.

    [C] Interposing Relay: The time delay provided by the Interposing Relay will protect the switches and gears from the controller’s instantaneous command signal reversal. This feature also allows for parallel wiring of multiple actuators.

    [D] Manual Override: A manual override handwheel is standard on all models to rotate the valve without electrical power. A yellow caution stripe around the handwheel hub becomes visible when the handwheel is engaged for manual operation.

    [E] Automatic Power Cutout Switch: The Series 70 is supplied with a SPDT mechanical switch which cuts power to the motor when the handwheel is engaged for manual operation.

    [F] O-Ring Seal for Watertight Enclosure The large seal between the cover and base provides a waterproof seal and prevents internal corrosion. The Bray Series 70 O-ring seal is a far superior design to commonly used gaskets.

    [G] Enclosure: The Series 70 waterproof unit is UL NEMA 4, 4x listed. Die-cast aluminum cover and base are high-quality polyester powder coated for exceptional corrosion, wear, impact and ultra-violet resistance.

    [H] Captive Cover Bolts: The cover is attached to the base by stainless steel bolts. When the cover is removed the bolts are held captive in the cover. This prevents time consuming problems caused from lost or misplaced bolts.

  • Power Center

    Bray designed the Series 70 to completely separate the control center from the power center. The power center, located in the actuator base, consists of motor, gear train, capacitor, output drive and heater. This design protects the power drive system as each component has been engineered to require no customer servicing. The power center components have been uniquely configured to maintain the extremely low profile of the Series 70.

    Self-Locking Output Drive Assembly

    The output drive assembly features a self-locking worm and worm gear drive which holds the valve in the desired position without the need for electro-mechanical braking systems.The worm shaft directly drives the worm gear.

    Mechanical Travel Stops

    Mechanical Travel Stops

    Stainless steel mechanical travel stops are field adjustable to prevent over travel when manual override is in use. The travel stops are located outside the base for easy readjustment without removing the cover. Stainless steel lock nuts with O-ring seals hold the travel stops securely in place. The travel stops are normally set at the factory to allow 0° and 90° travel.

    Manual Override Handwheel Assembly

    1. Pull to engage for manual operation.
    2. Rotate handwheel to position valve.
    3. Push to return power operation.

    The Bray manual override system ensures positive and fast manual operation without the use of extra tools or levers. When the hand-wheel is engaged, the electrical power to the motor is cut off by means of the automatic power cutout switch. When engaged, the manual override shaft is held in position by a ball detent. The ball detent also holds the shaft in position when the handwheel is pushed in to disengage the override. The drive pin engages and disengages the manual override shaft from the worm and segmented worm gear output shaft. When the handwheel is pushed or pulled, the drive pin smoothly engages the worm shaft.

    Manual Override Hand-wheel Assembly
  • Worm Gear Drive Shaft

    One Piece Worm Gear, Drive Shaft

    The drive shaft is the driving member that positions the valve.The worm gear drives the valve status display shaft which operates the infinitely adjustable cams to limit the electrical travel of the actuator.

    • [A] Motor: 115 or 220 VAC single phase permanent split-capacitor reversible induction motor The motor features a built-in thermal overload protector of a bi-metallic strip in the windings set at 275°F (135°C) with automatic reset.
    • [B] Worm Shaft
    • [C] Disc Springs
    • [D] Gear Train: The heavy-duty spur gear train is composed of precision cut, multi-staged gears and shafts. The gears and shafts are heat treated high alloy steel. The gear train is permanently lubricated at the factory.
    Series 70 Motor/Drive Shaft
  • Servo Pro

    For precision control of valve position. The Bray Series 70 Electric Actuator can be equipped with a Servo for precise control of valve position. The Servo consists of a microprocessor controlled circuit board and a feedback potentiometer assembly, which both fit entirely within the standard Series 70 actuator housing. The circuit board has terminal blocks for customer field wiring, and other terminals for internal connections to the actuator components. The feedback potentiometer is driven by a gear set connected to the actuator output drive. Also available are Servos capable of serial BUS communication, such as DeviceNet.

    Voltage Spike Protection

    Voltage spikes that can damage electrical equipment are very common in industrial locations. Large voltage spikes can be caused by switching power loads, such as large motor drives, at the customer location. The output stage triacs of the Servo Pro are protected against damage from voltage spikes by a special combination of:

    • Limit Switch Circuitry
    • Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) For Transient Voltage Suppression
    • Zero Crossing Detection

    DeviceNET Servo Pro

    Bray also offers the Series 70 with the most advanced serial BUS communication Servo on the market. The Bray DeviceNet Servo Pro is fully ODVA (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association) compliant. Benefits include greatly simplified field wiring and installation, advanced control and diagnostics in real-time from a remote location, and full network integration. Please contact your Bray representative for more information.

    Bray Recommended Specifications

    Series 70 Servo Pro Features/Specifications
    "Standard" is the way the Servo is set at the factory.
    "Configurable" means the customer, or the factory, can modify the Servo by setting DIP switche(s).
    Item Specifications
    Power Input 24 , 120 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz (power must match motor)
    Power Consumption 2 Watts (not including actuator power)
    Input Signal Standard: 4-20 mADC
    Configurable: 1. 0-10VDC
    2. 2-10 VDC
    3. 10K Ohm or greater potentiometer,
    Calibration Single Button Autocalibration
    Indicators Power: Green LED
    Status: Flashing Red/Green LED
    Motor: Red LED (Close), Green LED (Open)
    Control Modes Standard: Full Range, Direct Acting
    Configurable: Reverse Acting, Split Range
    Fail Position
    Loss of Input Signal
    Standard: Fail Closed
    Configurable: Fail Open
    Control Characteristic Linear
    Duty Cycle 100%
    Internal Feedback 10k Ohm Potentiometer, gear driven
    Retransmission Output Standard: 4-20 mADC
    Configurable: 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 2-10 VDC
    Retransmission Output is designed to drive an isolated 250-500 Ohm resistive load.
    Speed Control Standard: Full Speed (Speed Control is Disabled)
    Configurable: Bidirectional-Independent
    Open and Close Trim Pots Adjustment
    Series 70 Servo Pro

    [A] SERVO PRO OPERATION: The Servo Pro can be configured by the factory or the customer to accept several types of input signals, such as 4-20 mADC, 0-10 VDC, 0-5 VDC or potentiometer control. Each terminal connection and indicator is clearly labeled to simplify field wiring and operation. The input signal electronically represents the desired actuator position, and the internal feedback potentiometer signal electronically represents the actual actuator position. The microprocessor constantly compares the two signals, and if a difference is detected, drives the actuator in the proper direction until the signals are equal. When a balance is reached, the microprocessor turns off the actuator motor. The worm gear then mechanically holds the valve in the desired position until the input signal is changed again.

    [B] SPEED CONTROL: Adjustments are configurable for both open and closed speed control of the actuator motor. In addition, an approach control circuit senses when the actuator is about to reach the desired valve position, and pulses the motor to avoid overshooting the set point.

    [C] FEEDBACK POTENTIOMETER: The feedback potentiometer gear has a green rib which should be aligned with the slot on top of the cam-indicator shaft when in the fully open position. This simple alignment ensures the potentiometer will provide the Servo Pro with continuous, accurate actuator-valve position feedback.

    Calibration of the feedback potentiometer is done through a unique gear arrangement that is easily accessible and eliminates the need of any special tools. A simple adjustment of Bray’s patented cam drive aligns the potentiometer gear as easily as a travel cam.


  • Conduit Entry Panel

    The conduit entry panel has four holes which may be easily tapped for the installation of optional local Control Station.

    Control Station

    Control Station

    The conduit entry panel has four holes which may be easily tapped for the installation of optional local Control Station. The Control Station features a local–off–remote control switch, an open–stop–close switch, and two lights which locally indicate open and closed valve position. The cover plate can be rotated in any 90° increment, allowing the customer to operate and view the station with ease. The enclosure is aluminum and weatherproof (NEMA 4, 4X, IP 65). Additionally, the control station has captive cover bolts and two cable entries available in the following thread connections: 3/4” NPT or M25. Two different multi-pin, watertight electrical cable connections are also available

    Auxiliary Switches

    Auxiliary Switches

    Independent dry-contact (voltage free) SPDT mechanical switches are available to indicate travel position to remote customer control systems.



    A self regulating heater can be added to prevent possible damage to electrical components due to condensation build-up inside the actuator. Mounted in the actuator top plate for easy accessibility.

    Control Station

    Battery Backup

    To meet consumer needs, Bray Controls has developed the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) for the 24 VAC/VDC Series 70 Electric Actuator. In the event of power failure, the BBU will switch the actuator to battery power to reach its fail-open or fail-closed position. After the actuator has reached its fail position, the BBU turns off until external power is restored. Once external power has been restored, the actuator returns to the control device’s command position.

    Power Requirements

    24 - 27 Volts AC or 30 - 38 Volts DC for full charge battery condition

    Battery Conservation Mode

    Turns the BBU off when the actuator has gone to the programmed fail position. The charging circuit prevents over charging of the batteries

    Easily configured

    Field selectable control circuit

    Battery Monitoring Feature

    Includes a local green LED indicator light on the BBU cover which lights up when the batteries are adequately charged and functional. A normally open dry contact is included that may be used to operate a remote alarm


    The two sealed batteries provide more than sufficient power to operate the actuator for its one fail-open or fail-closed cycle

  • Bray Recommended Specifications

    Series 70 Electric Actuator
    Actuator Type: Bray Series 70 Electric Actuator or approved equal.
    • The actuator shall be compact and low profile to minimize space requirements.
    • The actuator shall be 90º operation.
    • The actuator shall provide easy access for field wiring and adjustment.
    • The actuator shall be built to withstand line vibration and shock without failure.
    • The enclosure shall be die-cast aluminum and polyester or Seacorr coated (as specified) for environmental protection.
    • The enclosure shall be provided with captive cover bolts to prevent loss of cover bolts when cover is removed.
    • The enclosure shall have two conduit connections (one for power wiring and one for control signal wiring) in either NPT or metric threads as specified.
    • The actuator enclosure shall be provided with a high visibility valve position display prominently labeled and color coded to indicate the valve position throughout the full range of travel.
    • The motor shall be a single phase, permanent split capacitor reversible induction type with Class F or better insulation.
    • The motor shall contain a built-in UL approved automatic reset thermal overload protector set at 275º F (135º C) embedded in the motor windings.
    • Motors shall be 24 VAC, 120 VAC or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz as specified.
    • Additional DC motors and 3-phase 50/60 Hz AC motors shall be available upon request.
    Actuator Gear Train System:
    • The actuator shall have a self-locking gear train system consisting of a worm and worm gear output drive mechanism, which will hold the valve in the desired position without the need for an electro-mechanical braking system.
    • The spur gear train shall have precision cut multi-staged gears which will withstand locked rotor conditions and are permanently lubricated at the factory.
    Mechanical Travel Stops:
    • Mechanical stainless steel travel stops shall be provided and located outside the actuator enclosure for ease of adjustment.
    • Stainless steel lock nuts to hold the travel stops in position and O-ring seals for waterproof protection shall be provided.
    • The mechanical travel stops shall be capable of limiting the travel of the actuator in either direction from full closed to full open.
    Manual Override:
    • The actuator shall be equipped with a manual override handwheel to rotate the valve without electrical power.
    • The manual override system shall ensure positive and efficient manual operation without the use of extra tools or levers.
    Emergency Shutoff:
    • An automatic power cutout switch shall be provided to cut power to the motor when the actuator manual override is engaged.
    • This cutout switch shall also function as a safety emergency power shutdown device and shall be accessible from outside the actuator enclosure.
    Travel Switches:
    • All travel switches shall be: Single Pole, Double Throw Form C Type UL Listed and CSA Approved 10A at 125/250 VAC and 1/2A at 125 VDC
    • The Actuator switches shall be pre-wired to a terminal block for ease of access and all internal wiring shall range from 12-22 AWG.
    • The travel limit switches shall limit the actuator travel in both the open and closed direction of travel.
    • Cams for each travel limit switch shall be infinitely adjustable by finger touch or screw driver.
    Service Requirements:
    • Actuators shall be designed for electric operation for the following service conditions:
      • Temperature ranges of -20°F (-29°C) to +150°F (+65°)
    Duty Cycle:
    • 25% for Intermittent Operation
    • 100% for Continuous Operation
    • All actuators shall be factory tested to ensure proper operation.
    • All actuators shall mount directly to the valve mounting flange and stem without the need for any brackets or couplings.
    Optional Equipment:
    • The actuator shall be designed to accept any of the following optional accessories if specified:
      Torque Limiting System:
    • Shall include two SPDT mechanical switches and two factory calibrated adjusting screws.
    • The switches, in response to a predetermined load on the actuator output shaft, shall interrupt power to the motor.
    • The switches shall operate at any point and in both directions of actuator travel.
    • Shall include a self-regulating temperature control to prevent condensation build-up.
    • Shall be pre-wired to the terminal block for ease of connection to external source.
    • Rated output shall be 5 W at 120 or 220 VAC.
    Local Control Station:
    • For local electrical operation of the actuator:
    • Shall flush mount to the actuator and include:
      • a local/off/remote control switch
      • an open/stop/close switch
      • two lights which indicate open and closed valve position
    • Enclosure shall be aluminum and waterproof (NEMA 4, 4X, IP 65)
    Microprocessor Servo:
    • Shall provide precise modulating control of the valve position in response to an analog input signal.
    • Shall have an analog output signal proportional to the actual valve position and the signal shall be configurable to either current or voltage output.
    • Voltage spike protection shall be provided on all input terminals.
    • Independent adjustments shall be provided for deadband and for both open and closed speed control of the actuator.
    • Input Signals shall be:
      • 4-20 mADC 250 Ohm Input Impedance
      • 0-10 VDC 2.1k Ohm Input Impedance
      • 2-10 VDC
      • 10K Ohm or greater potentiometer
    • Calibration shall be accomplished by pressing a single button to initiate the calibration routine.
    • Control characteristic shall be linear and duty cycle shall be 100%.
    • Internal feedback shall be by means of a 10k Ohm potentiometer.
    • Retransmission outputs shall be:
      • 4-20 mADC
      • 0-5 VDC
      • 0-10 VDC
      • 2-10 VDC
    • Separate Speed Control adjustments shall be provided for adjustment of open and close travel speeds.
    • Inputs for the control box, handwheel, LED status indicators and self-diagnostic capability shall also be provided.
    • DeviceNet Servos shall also be available if specified.
    • The waterproof enclosure shall be certified to UL, CSA and CE (NEMA 4, 4X, IP 65) waterproof standards.
    • The waterproof/explosion proof enclosure shall be certified to UL (NEMA4, 4X, 7 & 9) hazardous locations.

    Approvals & Certifications:

    • CE98/37/EC
    • IEC IP65 Test Certification
    • ABS
    • Bureau Veritas Certification
    • CSA Certification
    • TUV IP65
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