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Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve

Series 942

Size Range
NPS 4 to 12 / DN 100 to 300
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
150psi (10Bar)
Body Style
Single piece, Lug


Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve - Series 942

Size Range
NPS 4 to 12 / DN 100 to 300
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
150psi (10Bar)
Body Style
Single piece, Lug
Seat Material Temperature Range
Up to 482°F (250°C)
Packing Maximum Temperature
Up to 482°F (250°C)
Actuator Options
Body Materials
CF8M (316) Stainless Steel
Stem Materials
304 Stainless Steel
Gate Materials
17-4PH H-1025
Design Standard
Testing Standard
MSS SP-151
Face to Face
Pulp & Paper Recycle & Reject: Cyclone Separators, Knotters, Rejects, Pulpers, Scavengers and High Density Cyclone Cleaners

Features & Benefits

The Bray Series 942 is engineered for on/off service and isolation of pulp and paper recycle and rejects applications. These are some of the toughest knife gate applications in the industry. The 942 offers superior performance in demanding, high-cycle services that require shearing capabilities such as cyclone separators and recycle high density cleaners.

Bray Series 942 severe duty is an engineered solution featuring a replaceable Vortex Breaker flow cone with a durable shearing action that solves maintenance
problems. The technology protects the gate and seat from damage in high and medium density cleaning systems where wire, staples, metal banding, plastics,
glass, nuts, bolts, nails, and general debris traditionally jam valve or present sealing degradation.

  • Designed for exceptional performance in knotters, rejects, pulpers, scavengers and cyclone cleaners.
  • Specifically designed for high-cycle applications.
  • Replaceable Vortex Breaker with A36 Steel and tungsten carbide overlay for extended duty.
  • Standard integral metal seat.
  • Deflection resistant gate design ensures consistent alignment for industry leading durability.
  • Unique body design with no dead pockets enables self-draining of valve.
  • Lugged body suitable for all mounting orientations.

  • A. Topworks

    Pneumatic actuator sized and designed for high cycle and ability to cut through heavy media.

  • B. Clevis

    Clevis design and horizontal bolting stabilizes gate ensuring proper alignment and reducing failure points commonly found in knife gate valves.

  • C. Packing

    High Performance packing system using a copper scraper and high performance packing, design includes machined packing chamber, live-loaded packing gland to assure extended cycle life and minimizes thrust of actuation.

  • D. Seat

    Integral stainless metal seat engineered for high cycle life.

  • E. Gate

    Abrasion resistant 17-4PH H-1025 gate.

  • F. Body

    Lug-Style Single Piece Stainless Body.

  • G. Vortex Breaker

    Vortex Breaker is a replaceable wear component engineered to shear heavy media. Cast insert utilizing Tungsten Carbide overlay on the bore and flange face for increased performance and cycle life. Designed to support shear in cycle through media such as staples, bands, plastics and other type debris assuring the gate will cut through and cycle to the fully closed position.

  • H. Purge Ports

    Purge ports in seat and chest area allow full flushing capability while cycling.

  • I. Yoke

    Cast yoke superstructure robust design engineered for heavy duty actuators.

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