Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve Series 770 Bray International



Features & Benefits

The Bray Series 770 bidirectional o-ported knife gate valve is designed for severe service applications. The 770’s o-ported gate is in constant contact with the seats, minimizing seat stress and ensuring maximum sealing performance.

The durable ductile iron body is offered in a compact wafer style. When fully open, the valve is full bore, offering no resistance to line media.

    Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve Series 770 Features

    • A. Topworks

      Designed for easy, quick conversion between manual and pneumatic actuation. Featuring a lubricant injection port for continuous, smooth operation with minimal maintenance.*

    • B. Packing

      Multi-layer square packing provides exceptional gland sealing.

    • C. Seat

      Replaceable steel reinforced, elastomer seat ensures bi-directional zero leakage shutoff.

    • D. Seat Contact

      Seats are in constant contact with gate throughout the entire stroke of the valve.

    • E. Gate

      Deflection resistant gate design ensures consistent alignment for industry leading durability.

    • F. O-Port

      The inherent design of the o-ported slide gate provides 360˚ scale-breaking.

    • G. Body

      Compact wafer body allows for easy installation and is drilled and tapped to ASME CL150 flange patterns as standard. Other drilling options available upon request.

    • H. Tapped Flush Port

      Non-discharging body design includes tapped flush ports as standard, allowing for safe discharge of media and easy flush water connection.

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