Bray Rebrands Flow-Tek Ball Valves to Bray Ball Valves

April 3, 2023

Valued Customers, Distributors and Channel Partners

Over the past 20 years Bray has served the ball valve market under the Flow-Tek brand. As we continue to grow as a business and unify our messaging of the Bray product offering, we are rebranding our ball valve products under the Bray brand over the next 12-24 months. This change will allow our customers to align their AML to one brand of ball and butterfly valves. The part numbers and order process will remain unchanged. All external facing collateral, such as general arrangement drawings, quotations, order acknowledgements, packaging will be migrated from Flow-Tek to Bray during this transition. We will continue to manufacture the Bray ball valves from the same Bray-owned manufacturing sites around the globe. As we progress through this transition plan, we ask that you update your ERP systems and coordinate with your teams regarding the Bray-branded ball valve products. This is a global rebranding initiative and may cross various countries across your organization.The rebranding initiative will have three distinct phases during our transition:

  • Phase 1: Updating casting patterns and handle markings to include the Bray name.
  • Phase 2: Updating our ball valve certifications to include the Bray brand name.
  • Phase 3: Completion of brand transition for all ball valve products to Bray castings and tagging.


We ask for your understanding during this process as we transition from the current Flow-Tek branded product inventory to the Bray branded product inventory. This may include the receipt of product with Flow-Tek marks and tags as we utilize existing inventory during the transition period. We ask that you communicate the branding changes to your engineering, purchasing, quotations, sales, receiving and quality teams to prevent any potential delays during your product receipt and inspection process.


We appreciate your support and continued loyalty as a customer.


If there are questions during this transition, please contact us at


Best regards,

Ken Sundberg