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Resilient Seated


Size Range
DN50 to 600
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
16 bar
Temperature Range
-10°C to 121°C


Resilient Seated - 3-Cx.

Size Range
DN50 to 600
Temperature Range
-10°C to 121°C
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
16 bar
Body Style
Wafer, Lug
Tightness Test
EN 12266-1 Rate A
Valve Design
EN 12569 | EN 593 | NE 167
Material Standard
EN 16668 | AD2000 W0
EN 19 | DIN EN IEC 61406 | DIN 91406
Top Flange
ISO 5211
Flange Drilling
EN 1092-1 PN 10 & PN 16
Face to Face
EN 558 Series 20
Declaration of Conformity
Pressure Equipment Directive
2014/68/EU | PE(S)R
Machinery Directive
Atmospheric Explosion
ATEX (2014/34/EU)
Fugitive Emissions
ISO 15848-1 | TA-Luft VDI 2440
Safety Integrity Level
IEC 61508 Level 3 (SIL 3 capable)
Body Materials
Low temperature Ductile Iron (EN 5.3103)
Disc Materials
Stainless Steel (EN 1.4408) | Duplex Stainless Steel (EN 1.4470)
Stem Materials
Stainless Steel (EN 1.4542)
Seat Materials
Gas, Vacuum, Water, Wastewater, Acids, Chemicals

Features & Benefits

The Series 3W Cx wafer and Series 3L Cx lug style resilient seated butterfly valve feature a vulcanized seat, a profiled disc sealing edge, and stem bearings. These features provide optimized performance and efficient automation solutions for a long cycle life without compromising bubble tight sealing.
  • A. Digital Tag

    Each valve is uniquely and easily identifiable by simply scanning the QR Code on the product identification tag in accordance to IEC 61406.

  • B. Electrostatic discharge through antistatic design

    Electrostatic discharge through antistatic design (Ground washer and Top flange drilling).

  • C. Stem Design

    The high-strength stem design combine blowout-proof functionality for safe operation and excpetional service life.

  • D. Stem Bushing

    Non-corrosive, heavy duty acetal bushing absorbs actuator side thrust.

  • E. Robust Flange Sealing

    Tear-dropped shaped seat face enables tight sealing with a wide variety of industrial flanges.

  • F. Molded-in Seat

    Tightly controlled molding process produces accurate and repeatable dimensions, which leads to consistently lower torques over the valve’s lifetime.

  • G. Precision Profiled Disc Sealing Edge

    Extends the valve life by reducing seat wear.

  • H. Upper and Lower Stem Bearings

    Reduce operating torque and increase reliability in high cycle applications.

  • I. End of Line Capability

    Lug style valve allows for sealing at full rated pressure even when the downstream flange is removed.

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