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Our rugged and reliable valves actuators and controls are engineered, and field proven to provide trouble-free service in demanding mining, metals, and steel industry applications including, aluminum, copper, gold, nickel, silver, iron and steel alloy mineral mining and refining, where difficult abrasive and corrosive chemicals demand engineered valve solutions. 
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Slurry Handling and Transport

Bray valves for mining slurry transport and handling are engineered with abrasion resistant steel alloys, metal linings, and coatings for proven performance, even in the most aggressive erosion. Trust the reliability of our mining valves for improved operational efficiency and reduce cost of ownership. Our slurry valves, knife gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves and check valves are used extensively in mining applications including:
  • Pumping Stations

  • Slurry Transport

  • Pipelines

  • Seperation

  • Isolation

  • Dewatering

  • Intermediate Stations

  • Terminal Stations

  • Thickeners

  • Air Release

Bray solutions for

Mineral Processing and Extraction Solutions

Mineral processing, extraction and refining are considered some of the most challenging applications for valves in the mining and metals and steel industry. Proper metal selections, liners and coatings for mineral separation, concentration and extraction processes are imperative due to the corrosive chemicals and abrasive slurries found in processing operations.
  • Flotation Cell Level Control

  • Leaching Process Valves (HPAL)

  • Acid Injection Valves

  • Slurry Discharge Valves

  • Hydromet Pump Isolation

  • Pressure Oxidation (POx)

  • Acid Leaching

  • Electrowinning

  • Solvent Extraction

  • Tailings


Bray solutions for

Process Water and Wastewater Solutions

Bray valves for mining wastewater effluent, treatment and reuse are designed for the highly acidic and high suspended solids found in process water and wastewater in the mining industry. Our products are also used in mining industry wastewater treatment facilities for reuse and decontamination.

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Copper Mining

Copper mining, mineral processing, refining & production

Bray valves, actuators, controls and accessories are engineered to deliver reliable service for copper mining, copper concentrates production, smelting and electrolysis around the world.

Copper Mining Virtual Plant

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Copper Mining Aerial

Coal Mining Virtual Plant

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