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Paper pulp is a raw material used in the manufacturing of paper and pulp-based products that play a key role in our daily life. The majority of the worlds pulp is produced by chemical pulping (Kraft Process). As a leading global flow control solutions provider, Bray's expertise in flow control solutions for pulp and paper ensures higher productivity, reduced downtime, and lower total cost of ownership.
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Chemical Pulping

Chemical pulping is a process by which wood or other fibrous feedstocks are processed to separate the non-cellulose components of wood, mainly lignin, from the cellulose fibers used to produce paper and other paper products. There are four chemical pulping processes used to produce paper pulp: kraft, sulfite, neutral sulfite semi-chemical (NSSC), and soda. Strong acids and caustic alkaline bases present challenges to valves and other process equipment in Chemical pulping. Bray works closely with our Pulp & Paper Industry customers to deliver flow control solutions optimized for the chemical pulping process. With more than 30 years of service and a global install base, you can trust Bray to provide valves, actuators and accessories that ensure uninterrupted service in demanding chemical pulping applications including:
  • Digester Systems

  • Washers

  • Evaporators

  • Caustics Plants

  • Lime Slurry Handling

  • Stock Prep Operations

  • Throttling & Diverting Applications

  • White Liquor

  • Green Liquor

  • Black Liquor

  • Steam

  • Recovery Boilers

  • Refiner Stock Control

  • Lignin Sulfonation

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Paper Bleaching

Pulp bleaching is the process by which wood pulp is whitened or brightened, without damaging the fibers. Bleaching wood pulp is accomplished by oxidizing the pulp using peroxide or chlorine which are both aggressive chemicals. Bleaching is important for the production of not only white but also colored paper since a bleached surface is needed for dyeing. The process also contributes to the chemical balance and removes dirt/foreign particles. Valves are essential in all stages of the pulp bleaching process including screening, cleaning, bleaching and washing/rinsing the pulp in the bleach plant and bulk bleached pulp storage. Bray valves are designed for exceptional performance with harsh bleaching chemicals and reliability in the pulp bleaching process.
  • Gaseous or Liquid Chlorine

  • Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Ozone

  • Chlorine Dioxide

  • Other Bleaching Agents

  • Chelant Wash such as EDTA

  • Alkali Extraction

  • Rinsing

  • Steam

  • Pulp Fiber Transport

Paper Bleaching
Paper Recycling

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Paper Recycling

Recycling paper represents both an environmentally conscious and financially superior alternative to virgin paper pulp manufacturing. Bray Series 942 Knife Gate Valves are engineered specifically for on/off service and isolation in pulp and paper recycle and rejects applications. The Bray Series 942 Knife Gate Valves deliver superior performance in some of the toughest knife gate applications in the pulp and paper industry, high-cycle services that require shearing capabilities such as cyclone separators and recycle high density cleaners. Series 942 features a replaceable Vortex Breaker flow cone that protects the gate and seat from damage in high and medium density cleaning systems where wire, staples, metal banding, plastics, glass, nuts, bolts, nails, and general debris traditionally jam valves or present sealing degradation.

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