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3-Piece Ball Valve

Series S7500/S7700 Micro Pure

Size Range
½ - 4" (12 - 100mm)
Temperature Range
-50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C)
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
1000psi WOG


3-Piece Ball Valve - Series S7500/S7700 Micro Pure

Size Range
½ - 4" (12 - 100mm)
Body Materials
Temperature Range
-50°F to 450°F (-46°C to 232°C)
Stem Materials
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
1000psi WOG
Seat Materials
Standard: PTFE, Optional: TFM 1600, UHMWPE, Cavity Fillers
Shutoff Rating
Zero Leakage
Ball Materials
Steam Rating
150psi WSP
Body Style
Three Piece
Design Standard
End Connections
Quick Clamp, Extended Tube End, SAE Male
Testing Standard
USP Class VI
Tube Bore Port: ½ - 2"
Face to Face
Manufacturers standard
High Purity, Semi Conductor, Food & Beverage

Features & Benefits

The Series S7500/S7700 Micro Pure 3-Piece ball valve has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of high purity applications in accordance with ASME BPE specification. All valve bodies are investment cast CF3M (316L) Stainless Steel with an internal surface finish of 15 Ra with 20 Ra maximum per SFV-1. Other grades of surface finishes, including electropolishing are available. Cavity fillers and purge ports are also available upon request.




TUBE BORE: The ball and end connections of all Micro Pure Series valves have the same I.D. dimension as the mating tube system. These valves offer smooth flow characteristics with minimal pressure drop and full–drain capability

PROCESSING: To prevent component contamination, Micro Pure Series valves are solution cleaned, assembled and bagged to allow for use in high purity systems.

BALL: Flow-Tek balls are precision machined and mirror finished for bubble-tight shutoff and reduced operating torque.

SEAT: Flow-Tek’s unique seat design ensures bi-directional sealing while providing the lowest possible torque.

SEAT SELECTION: Optional seat materials, such as TFM 1600, are available to meet most applications, with the standard seat being Virgin PTFE. Optional seat designs, such as Cavity Fillers, are also available upon request.

BODY: ½”– 4” valve bodies are investment cast stainless steel and all bodies are solution annealed for the highest quality and added strength. All body castings are marked with a foundry heat number for full traceability. The three piece body design offers many advantages, including installation flexibility, elimination of the need of flanges, and ease of in-line or out-of-line servicing.

BODY HINGES: Two heavy duty body bolt hinges, throughout the entire size range, provide positive alignment of body to end connection during in-line servicing.

END CONNECTIONS: The Micro Pure Series features two standard interchangeable end connections – Quick Clamps for ease of installation and Extended Tube Ends for weld in place service.

SECURE MOUNT: A unique standard feature is an integrally cast top flange that ensures positive actuator mounting. Flow-Tek’s Secure Mount eliminates unwanted actuator movement during high cycle or continuous duty applications. Actuation equipment can be easily and safely removed while the valve is under full line pressure. The Secure Mount through 2” valve sizes is in compliance with ISO 5211 bolting pattern standards.

HANDLES: 1/2”– 2” manually operated valves feature a standard Safety Trigger to prevent accidental movement of the valve handle. The trigger locks the handle in the open or closed position. The handle lock can be overridden, if needed, with a small bolt through the handle in the release position. An oval handle is also available as an option.

PADLOCK: A padlock can be added to secure the handle in position, preventing unwanted access. Available as standard on all valve sizes.

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