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Segmented Ball Valve

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The Series 19 Segmented Ball Valve

The Bray Series 19 segmented ball valves deliver exceptional control valve performance with the precision, features, and options needed for use in a wide variety of applications and industries.

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Customizable Control

The trailing edge of the Series 19 segment offers a customizable V-profile for precise characterized flow control, comparable to globe valve performance with 300:1 rangeability.

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Fibrous Media Handling

The sharp leading edge of the segment is designed to cut through viscous media, comparable to knife gate valve performance.

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Versatile Design

The versatile Series 19 Segmented Ball Valve is available with resilient and metal seated options for modulating control and on-off services in gas, liquid, and slurry applications. High performance coatings are available for internal components to ensure long service life and corrosion resistance.

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Protected Sealing Area

The pressure assisted seat design provides sealing under full differential pressures while also directing media flow away from the seat-to-segment sealing area, extending service life.

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Splined Shaft-to-Segment Connection

The splined shaft-to-segment interface provides efficient torque transmission and precise control, drastically reducing hysteresis and deadband. The specially designed shaft pin facilitates self-alignment of segment

S19 Segmented Control Ball Valve

Field Serviceable

The Series 19 offers a field serviceable design with easy to access, replaceable components. The seat is accessible for replacement without removing the segment and shaft, for ease of maintenance.

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