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Switch Boxes

5A 5B 5C

Wide range of reliable visual and electrical position indication. Available in both Aluminum and Resin housings.

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C


Offering mechanical and proximity switches. Series 5A offers two switches, Series 5B and 5C offer up to six switches

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C


Series 5B and 5C can integrate into communication networks with AS-I, Devicenet ™, or PROFIBUS DP. Interchangeable network interface cards include LED status and setup indicators.

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C

Mounting Options

The 5 Series offers a fixed Stainless and Resin brackets and an adjustable Stainless bracket.

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C

Pre-wire kit

Pre wire conduit kits can be installed to connect the solenoid through the switch box.

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C

Explosion Proof

Series 5C Valve Status Monitors are certified Flameproof (Ex d) and Explosion-Proof. The 5C includes an additional rear conduit entry offering exceptional safety, flexibility and durability.

Switch Box Series 5A 5B 5C

Intrinsically Safe

The Series 5A and 5B Intrinsically Safe (Ex ia) are designed to limit the electrical and thermal energy to prevent ignition.

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