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Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

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Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Tri Lok is the ultimate zero-leakage isolation valve. Engineered for critical service applications and easy installation, Tri Lok is designed for high reliability with field replaceable sealing components for extended service life and ease of maintenance.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Versatile Design

Compact and light-weight, the versatile Tri Lok triple offset valve is an ideal replacement for legacy gate, globe and ball valves.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Metal Seated Isolation

Non-rubbing, metal-to-metal sealing system is inherently fire-safe and certified to API607. Tri Lok is capable of meeting zero-leakage requirements from critical applications.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Extended Reliability

Tri Lok is the premier isolation valve, well suited for critical service operations including vacuum, high pressure, cryogenic and high temperature services. Superior hardness difference between seat & seal provides high reliability and extended service life.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Internal Stem Connection

Tri Lok is the only valve in its class with a splined disc/stem connection. This design prevents the typical misalignment problems of rigidly attached discs and stems, offers maximum strength, and minimizes hysteresis.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Adjustable Packing

Fully adjustable and field replaceable stem seal system reduces fugitive emissions, and is certified to TA LUFT, API641 and ISO15848-1 requirements.

Tri Lok Triple Offset Valves

Field Repairable

Tri Lok allows for independent field replacement of seat and seal ring. Should service conditions change, seat and seal ring materials may be substituted without replacing the entire valve. Maintenance, downtime and costs are substantially reduced extending the overall service life of the valves.

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