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High Performance Butterfly Valve

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McCannalok Cryogenic

The McCannalok Cryogenic valve is the next evolution in cryogenic sealing for the high performance butterfly valve market.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Unmatched Stem Strength

The McCannalok Cryogenic valve features the strongest stem on the market at cryogenic conditions. This eliminate the risk of stem shearing in critical services.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Bolted Bonnet Design

Bolted connection prevents internal stress during valve cool-down. Extended neck protects stem packing from extreme temperatures, and allows access for stem packing adjustments and actuator mounting.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Liquid Oxygen Compatibility

All materials independently tested by third party labs to ensure compatibility with liquid oxygen.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Polar Seat

Proprietary jacket and energizer design maintains consistent sealing performance during process thermal cycling and extends valve cycle life by reducing seat wear.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Oxygen Cleaning

Bray has customer qualified oxygen cleaning facilities at all major factory locations to clean valves for critical services.

McCannalok Cryogenic

Cryogenic Testing

Bray has global cryogenic testing capability and can provide testing services as customers require.

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